About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny,

I am a Marriage Celebrant based in Perth, WA. I provide celebrant services at weddings, funerals, memorial services, vow renewals and many other ceremonies, you can check all my services here.

I also enjoy being MC at weddings, a host at events and have vast experience in public speaking and speech writing.

I chose the name – Encompass Ceremonies by Jenny – on becoming a Marriage Celebrant because its definition “encompasses” so many meaningful words.

To me, the word says it all! Whether it be a wedding, a funeral, a vow renewal, a commitment ceremony, a house blessing, a naming ceremony, or any celebration you can think of – I will even bless your boat if that is what you wish! All these life celebrations are surrounded by love, the love we have or hold within. Synonyms for the word encompass are; embrace, include, incorporate, involve, encircle, hold, embody. These words will eventually find their way into a ceremony somewhere, sometime.

Why did I choose to become a Celebrant?

I am a lover of life stories. I love to challenge myself in many ways. I have been involved in Amateur Theatre and “trodden the boards”. I love to write, an interest encouraged by my 7th grade teacher. As a shy teenager, I was nominated for and entered the Lions Save Sight and Kidney Foundation’s Miss Personality Quest representing my hometown and nearby communities – thrown in the deep end by my lovely boss at the time who could see I had potential apparently!

I have met many inspiring people since. I met my first marriage celebrant on a plane many years later as she was seated beside me and my prematurely born daughter. She was embarking on a new adventure in my hometown, was so kind and friendly, and she inspired me. We are still in touch and my daughter has her own daughters now.

I began Women’s triathlon in 2004 (still belong to my beloved club but no longer participating in triathlon since 2015), and my amazing coach inspired me. In 2016 my partner and I completed 116 kilometres of the Spanish Camino Way, a pilgrimage for people from all “walks” of life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Next time without spraining my ankle 3 kilometres from the end! We immediately afterwards spent a week climbing the French Pyrenees mountains, sprained ankle and all (I don’t give up easily!). I have hiked the Cornish cliffs, the Snowdonia region in Wales, and travelled extensively, both in Australia and around the world, and I am passionate about expanding my knowledge of all cultures and learning the history of people and places.

I have kept journals of all my travels, and friends and family enjoy my travelling online “blogs” told with humour. I come from the North West of Western Australia originally, and you can’t take the country out of the girl, etc! So, travelling for a ceremony is not daunting to me at all and I will travel to the most remote places if that is where you are!

But the Ceremonies are not about me. I’d love to be behind the scenes of your production!

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