Funerals, Memorials & Living Wakes


Having conducted several funerals, some of them being those of family and dear friends, both in Perth and in my hometown, I know in my heart I have chosen the right career path for me. Although emotionally challenging, it has been a privilege to have been able to conduct the farewells of those close to me, and is testament to the sincerity I bring to any service. I understand firsthand the pain of loss, but no two person’s grief is the same and deserves to be treated as individually as their loved ones. I’ve sadly attended far too many funerals, or celebrations of life, as a mourner, however that has also given me the confidence to know I can provide a compassionate, genuine and appropriate service for your loved one.


A memorial service is an opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects after the loss of a loved one, and specifically different from the funeral service, as everyone has had time to reflect. Memorial services can be solemn occasions, but can also be a celebration of a loved one’s life. There are no rules. They can take place more than once, anywhere and anytime after a funeral, even years afterwards, on the anniversary of their passing or even to mark their birthday. A memorial can give those who may have been unable to be at a funeral a chance to speak the words they want to say aloud or give those who were unable to bring themselves to speak at the funeral or wake, to say what they wish they could have. They can bring community together. The choice is yours. I would be more than honoured to help you prepare such a service

“We talk about them, not because we’re stuck or we haven’t moved on, but we talk about them because we are theirs, and they are ours, and no passage of time can change that.”

By Scribbles & Crumbs

“In the End we all become stories”

Living Wakes

One of my oldest friends who was terminally ill, coordinated her own funeral with specific wishes, including choosing the day of the week that it be held to accommodate her colleagues and friends in the industry she was passionate about. If she had been well enough, I know she would have loved to have held a “living wake” to celebrate her life with those she loved. How many times do we attend a funeral and wish they could see and hear the beautiful farewell they are given?